We at Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd. employ the best forging manufacturing processes to get quality products with excellent durability and work-life. Our labs are equipped with the latest technologies and our workforce is skilled in these technologies to design and manufacture the best industrial components through the latest manufacturing processes. Our forging process is an ideal option for applications that require performance and safety for speed and energy efficiency.

Our Equipped Labs

Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd. boasts of sophisticated vertical machining centers and milling machines, bench drills, and radial drills, with computerized machines for additional designing capabilities.

We have the best-possible apparatus in place for ensuring high-quality materials at low cost. Our in-house manufacturing apparatus helps us to complete all jobs in one place and thus account for our quality and accuracy.

CAD and CAM facility

We use CAD/CAM Pro e-simulation software solutions for sketching a rough draft for complex jobs.

Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd. engineering center has the capabilities to undertake advanced manufacturing and analyzing tasks, all because of our computer-aided design methodology. We fulfill your needs right from concept design validation to quality testing.

Die Shop

The die shop in Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd. is completely equipped to manufacture turned, blanked, and machined components with expertise.

For forging dies manufacturing, we provide you various options in die materials like high carbon high chromium die steels, tool steels, etc. After a perfect design of forging dies, we begin with the manufacturing process. We go for the closed die forging process manufacturing for your requirements.

Cutting Shop

The raw materials come in standard sizes and are required to be fed into cutting machines to get the desired shape and size.

Generally, we at Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd. use low carbon steel, alloy steel, medium carbon steel, and stainless steel according to the customer’s requirements.

QA and QC Process

We at Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd. follow stringent quality standards and exceed our customer’s expectations every single time.

We follow the industry’s best practices and swear by the quality standards so that we maintain a rapport with our clients and customers around the world.

Grinding Shop

We complete your product in this last stage where we remove sand particles and other external particles that might have entered into your component in the blasting machine.

New Product Development Process


Quality planning is a meticulous process that involves discerning the paramount elements crucial to the success of a project. This integral phase takes place during the initial planning stage, where a comprehensive evaluation of essential factors is undertaken to ensure the achievement of a successful project outcome.


PFEMA(Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) serves as a vital tool in comprehending the ramifications of potential failures. Its inherent value lies in systematically pinpointing and arranging action items to effectively mitigate risks, all aimed at ultimately enhancing the overall risk management strategy.

Control Plan

Control Plan delineates the meticulous strategies employed to ensure the impeccable quality control of pivotal inputs, culminating in the delivery of outputs that impeccably align with the exacting standards and expectations of our valued customers.


PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) stands as a universally recognized protocol deeply ingrained within the automotive and aerospace domains. Its pivotal role lies in fostering transparent and effective collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers, facilitating the evaluation and endorsement of production designs and processes at every crucial juncture — be it prior to, during, or subsequent to the manufacturing process.

Nature of Business Forging
Crane Capacity We have 3 crane with 5 Ton capacity each
Manpower We have 100+ employee
Forging Facility Belt Drop Hammer with capacity of 1 Ton, 1.25 Ton , 2 Ton & 3 Ton.
Production Capacity 800 MT/month
Product Range 700+
Furnace Type All Induction Heating Furnaces
MSME Category Medium

We Sendura Forge Pvt. Ltd. are pleased to announce that we have recently procured a 5-acre land for the expansion of our manufacturing facility. This expansion project will significantly increase our forging capacity, allowing us to produce up to 2000 metric tons per month. We understand the importance of timely deliveries and maintaining adequate production capabilities to meet the growing demands of our customers. The construction & development of our new facility are currently underway, & we anticipate it to be fully operational by 2024.

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